When frying chicken wings, do you use flour or bread crumbs?


Tips for Fried Chicken Wings

1. When marinating chicken wings, do not put too many seasonings, especially soy sauce and oyster sauce. Too much seasoning will only affect the umami of chicken wings! Just add cooking wine and onions to remove the fishy smell. It is easier to marinate at low temperature.

2. Whether the chicken wings are delicious or not, the preparation of the crispy paste is very important. You only need to prepare flour, starch, eggs, and vegetable oil, and adjust them according to the proportion. As for the bread crumbs, it is not recommended to add them, because the bread crumbs are particularly oil-absorbing!

3. When frying chicken wings, you need to fry them twice, the first time they are cooked, and the second time they are fried at high temperature and crispy!


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