Baked chicken wings in breadcrumbs, a golden world


I like chicken wings. I used to like Orleans, but this time I tried the ones with bread crumbs.

Ingredients: Chilled chicken wings, garlic, bread crumbs, flour, eggs, Orleans seasoning.

Practice steps:

Step 1. Wash the chicken wings, add Orleans seasoning, and marinate some garlic. It is best to marinate the day before, and marinate for 1 night in the refrigerator, the taste will be better.
Step 2: Prepare the right amount of bread crumbs.
Step 3: Appropriate amount of flour.
Step 4: Beat 1 egg.
Step 5: Dip the marinated chicken wings in flour.
Step 6: Dip in the whole egg again.
Step 7: Finally, coat with bread crumbs.
Step 8. Put the chicken wings on the grill, preheat the oven to 180 degrees, and bake for 25-30 minutes.
Step 9, the breadcrumbs grilled chicken wings come out of the oven, crispy and delicious. Snacks and meals are good choices, and the most important thing is to be healthy and oil-free.

When marinating chicken wings with Orleans marinade, add some garlic, more delicious~


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