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Yantai Hongji Food Co., Ltd. is a professional food processing enterprise of Sino-US joint venture. Its leading products include bread crumb series, sterilization flour series, etc.

The company has advanced baking equipment, sterilization equipment and detection equipment. Its products are produced by adopting scientific Japanese formula and production technology and imported raw materials. It recruits professional Japanese technicians as the standing advisors of the company and has 11 professional technicians. It produces 3,500 tons of all kinds of bread crumbs, sterilized flour and related products each year and is able to provide dry and wet bread crumbs of various specifications. The various physicochemical and hygienic indexes of sterilized flour reach the standard of export food, so that it suitable for processing various export foods.


Qiwei Road, Huangcheng High-tech Industrial Park, Longkou City, Shandong Province

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